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CNN Polls: Why Polls Are Total Bullshit

Today there are two weird things trending on twitter. Try and contain your shock. From the people who brought you #cheesechallenged, two of today's top trending topics are #TrumpRecession and "38 Percent of Americans"

Now that you've just spent 15 minutes of your life watching parents throw cheese slices at their babies (you're welcome), let's break it down as to why talking about either of these trends are a giant waste of time.

#TrumpRecession is a useless trend, and it's #2 currently. A non profit organization (NBER) made a statement that our recession began in February, before the virus hit. That means that we are in this economic mess because of Trump, not the terrible Dem governors who shut down their cities without any evidence that we needed to. I'm sure it's not possible at all that we took a downward dip in our economy this past February because China was in the middle of their own economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Get a fucking grip, libs. He didn't cause it. We may be in a recession now but please don't let honesty get in the way of your reporting. Weren't we supposed to send journos to the moon in SpaceX?

Look, I don't want it to seem like I am insensitive to leaders who have to make tough decisions, BUT YOU DID IT FIRST.

The second trending topic is 38 Million Americans. CNN released two news articles today based on one poll that they conducted (using SRSS) themselves.

Followed by:

Polls do not mean that science has been performed and truth has been found. It means that about 1500 people (out of a country with a population of about 331 million) answered their phone and agreed to do a survey. That's the only (disturbing) fact coming out of this poll. Who in tf answers cold calls?!?

Otherwise, this is just a very small splice of the population that could have very well all been from New York City where Trump is extremely hated. CNN then takes these polls and writes anti Trump stories that get stupid hashtags and topics trending. These articles go in depth with numbers, talking about really delicate topics like how Americans view racism. Americans are already crushed from the pandemic and destruction caused by rioting and CNN is ready to direct their anger and sadness at our President. How unifying and helpful.


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