• Nero

Civilization Was a Mistake: Part 2

Honestly I have had it. I can no longer in good conscience be a part of a civilization that is choosing between Joe Biden and Donald Trump to lead it. When I cannot look anyone in the eye and tell them that Kanye West isn’t a legit option for the office of the President of the United States you know the world is fucked. I honestly feel bad for the Libertarian Party because in a

Every morning I wake up hoping that it was all a nightmare and McAfee is the Libertarian nominee

year where they could make some serious inroads into being a legit player they decided not to nominate a crazy person which means they stand no chance.

Today we learned that after Antifa decided to burn down a police station that the Karens decided to protect the little assholes that started it by forming a human shield of moms. No reasonable person would say they want to live in a society where the Karens and Antifa have formed an alliance.

You know if you had just beaten your kids when they were younger the police wouldn't have to do it now

How fucking insane is this world? Paul, someone hacked by computer to download Child Porn, Krugman is tweeting out conspiracy theories about the police faking the fire at the police station. We all know that they are just trying to sow unrest in hopes of defeating “Orange Man Bad” in November but do they actually think they can put the pin back in the grenade if Biden wins?

Oh and Jennifer Rubin, who apparently really wants Terminators, actually got the Bozos Washington Post to publish a piece that the party who is encouraging all this lawlessness is the party of Law and Order.



Add this to the constant fellating of Governor Grandma Killer by that damn Italian Gnome Fauci about how the state with the 2nd worst mortality rate in the world for Rona, second only to New Jersey, did everything right with only Jake Tapper calling them on it.

And then there is Zodiac himself murdering Mark Cuban over Cuban and the NBA’s continued support of the Chinese Government despite their treating the Uyghurs the way so many seem to think Trump is treating immigrants. For the record he is not.

Hell I haven’t even covered half of the stupidity that has gone on over the past three days. It’s only going to get crazier from here on out until it all comes crashing down around us. With this in mind I have decided to get the fuck out of civilization for a while and check out this place in Blue Ridge Mountains I have heard a lot about. You have to cross a scary bridge to get to it so hopefully that will keep the humans away.

The cabin is rustic but really cozy. I found an old reel to reel tape machine and a really cool leather bound book here.

The tape said to say three words before picking it up. “Klaatu, Barada, Necktie”.... I think. Whatever, I am sure it is fine.