Christy Smith and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

What a day for Christy Hill. Er, Katie Smith. Wait, no.

Christy Smith.

That's it.

After yesterday you can't really blame me. Between both Katie Hill and Christy Smith's absolute dumpster fires of public life it's hard to tell which is which.

If you're unfamiliar with Christy Smith let me update you. She's running to fill Katie 'Throuple' Hill's recently vacated seat. If you don't know who Katie Hill is there's just no forgiveness at this point. Not because she's done anything noteworthy as far as success goes. But because if you haven't been subjected to those pictures of her *ahem* escapades, then I'm irreconcilably jealous of your innocence.

If you think Hill's public life is bad, let me challenge you with Christy Smith's own experience.

There's that time she put out racist campaign ads, just recently when she mocked her opponent Mike Garcia's military service, and if that weren't bad enough she had to be the recipient of DC's Manager a Trois's endorsement.

As you can imagine the inevitable crap storm ensuing from that "vote of confidence" from the Nazi Tatted Nymphomaniac was too much for Christy. This prompted her to delete all tweets associating her with Katie Hill in these days leading up to the special election.

Unfortunately for the hapless hopeful heroine, and oft forgotten by the political elite, the internet is indeed forever. This was kindly brought to her attention thanks to the efforts of Twitter's most notorious group The Minions.

It all started with Matthew Foldi's collage of memes provided by Yours Truly and Davar Sheva.

From there the memes began flying like doves in a 21 Jumpstreet movie

Davar provided this gem of Christy sweeping Katie Hill under the rug

Resident meme genius Krian Brassenstein put together this beauty of Katie Hill's endorsement video of Christy Smith

@K_ovfefe2 came thru with an absolute side buster

Even Matthew Foldi, known for his Boomer qualities when it comes to making memes, came up with this instant classic Ghana Funeral Meme

Meme legend Texas Jayhawk made sure to live up to expectations with this beauty

And there was this, yes, yes, from none other than Publius

All in all it was a very successful day of memeing, owning the libs, and holding the line.

We can only hope tomorrow brings good news of an election won by Mike Garcia and a seat flipped. At that point, we of course will spike the ball.




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