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China is Asshoe Part...shit I lost count at this point

Comfortably Smug was sure correct when he tweeted this first thing in the morning

and not just for the insanity surrounding the Biden campaign as chronicled by Flappr here.

In the midst of the Wuhan virus crisis China has decided to implement some very draconian measures, that I am sure have impressed the likes of Governors Whitmer and Beshear, in Hong Kong. Measures so extreme that even the American media,which has been running CCP propaganda over the past few months relating to the Wuhan Virus, has taken notice and has been critical.

Amnesty International is actually worrying about the bad guys for once

Even this damn lib senator is mad as hell

It's not like this is anything new. Whether it be Hong Kong or Taiwan, China has always been of the belief that there is but one China and it encompasses all three parts and probably a whole lot more. Because of the western world's dependence on China as a major part of the supply chain the west has for far too long taken an appeasement approach with the CCP.

In the wake of the Wuhan virus though things have changed. Other options for manufacturing are being explored and trade deals are being stuck.

Now I was as apprehensive as the Scott Lincicomes of world when it came to Trump's trade wars. So much so that his stance on trade was the sole reason I didn't vote for him in '16. Here is the thing though. Trump was right. China is the bad guy and we only made things worse by relying on them for manufacturing and for selling our own exports to them.

The time for the west to put it's foot down and say no more is now. Is there any reasonable person out there who doesn't think there will be another pandemic that originates in China? Does anyone actually think they aren't one of the most oppressive regimes in the world?

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis is a direct consequence of Wilsonian liberalism whether in the guise of Neoliberalism or Neoconservativism. Long story short in a vein attempt to make the world a safer place by stopping wars via diplomacy and trade the very systems put in place to create a safer world are crumbling and now we are left to pick up the pieces.

In the end President Trump's "America First" policy isn't wrong, isn't racist, and it doesn't mean America only. What it does mean is that the nation needs to protect it's interests first and continuing to engage in China the way we have isn't protecting our interests at all. As the world begins to put the pieces back together the perfect time for a new China policy is now. One that forces them to behave in manner that is in our best interest because we are still the biggest kid on the black and....