Chill the Fuck Out, All of You

This is the last thing I wanted to write about, today, tomorrow, ever. I am not a thought leader. I barely have thoughts. I wish that Joe Biden had held a livestream with Julian Castro yesterday and told him he cant wait til the lockdown is over so he can go watch him perform "Babalú" at the Copacabana club and sniff the glorious red locks of his mischievous wife, Lucy. That didn't happen though (it possibly could in the future though, if we're being honest), instead there were some pretty fucked up scenes coming out of Minneapolis last night.

The mayor, Jacob Frey, instructed the police officers of the third precinct to abandon the station and allow "protestors" to break in and burn it down. I THINK I see what his reasoning was, namely, that the only way the police could protect the building would be to injure "protestors" and loss of life outweigh the value of a building. That's noble and he's right - but those weren't the only to possible outcomes and being angry about something, no matter how important that something may be (to society, to you, to anyone), doesn't give anyone the right to literally "burn shit down." You want to set a pretty shitty precedent that will lead to a lot more misery? Let people cozy up to the idea that a protest gives them a right to steal, destroy and/or burn shit down. It doesn't - and the police have jobs to do, including, preventing what happened last night from happening.

What the Police SHOULDN'T do, is what happened to George Floyd - who, by all accounts, was killed in police custody, by police, in broad daylight. I haven't seen anyone suggest otherwise. Seriously, this is essentially an unanimous opinion, regardless of race, politics, gender - everyone agrees that these officers should be held accountable. They have been fired. They haven't been arrested yet, but they very likely will be and will be tried for their actions. The fact that this didn't happen immediately, isn't justification for "protestors" to destroy a police station and 170+ local businesses.

So to the "protestors," you don't get to choose anarchy and expect everyone to co-sign. . . chill the fuck out and let justice take its course.


To the media, GFY. The media never disappoints. They were in top form last night, trying to spinzone the worst riot of recent memory into a "protest that have turned chaotic at times." Don't believe me, check the crawl at the bottom of CNN's coverage last night:

No, these were not protests that turned "chaotic at times." These were protests that turned into the scene at the end of Joker - total fucking anarchy. The media clearly doesn't want to characterize allies of their narrative as "rioters" because they know that people will be less sympathetic to the cause that sparked the protests which sparked the riots. So instead of reporting of what is actually going on around them, they do and say things like this:

Ali Velshi went full Frank Drebin, right before the eyes of the nation. To the Journos, stop trying to shape reality into your narrative (a narrative you've cultivated for the better part of my lifetime), call balls and strikes and . . . chill the fuck out.


To POTUS, figure out messaging on issues like this or just stop messaging. Amid the chaos of the evening, our president weighed in - and it was MOSTLY GOOD! Until he suggested that looters might be shot.

I couldn't embed the tweet because Twitter censored it for "glorifying violence." WHOLE 'NOTHER ISSUE!

You know what, threatening violence on American citizens is pretty fucking bad and dumb. You shouldn't die solely because you stole something or broke something. The MOST charitable reading of this tweet is that maybe he was trying (rather poorly) to say that he wants to prevent store owners from shooting looters or he was talking to tough to try and restore order. I'm not giving benefit of the doubt here - POTUS needs to chill the fuck out.


Lets see, who else needs to chill the fuck out? Ummm, anyone promoting the destruction of a city or people who are just general bad faith assholes who love to sew more division:

Like this Georgetown Law professor who encouraged anarchy in a since deleted tweet:

Burn. It. Down. M'lady.

and this fucking lunatic:

Or Julia Ioffe, which is basically a synonym for "this fucking lunatic" these days:

So yeah, people who are partisan assholes and/or just want to make things worse, save it for November and chill the fuck out.


Before I wrap this up, I want to revisit the fucking mayor of Minneapolis who is a complete fucking clown. This isn't a republican or democrat thing, its a "this guy is a complete fucking clown whose dog shit leadership made this so much worse" thing.

Listen to this fucking guy respond to this question:

I mean, your FUCKING CITY IS BURNING TO THE GROUND YOU FUCKING TWERP - WHAT DO YOU THINK THE QUESTION WAS IN "REGARD TO?" YOU NEEDED A PLAN, IF THE PLAN WAS LET THE CITY BURN TO THE GROUND, THAT WAS A PRETTY FUCKING BAD PLAN! If there was ever someone who looked so completely lost and incapable of rising the moment before them, it was Jacob Frey last night. You CAN'T just let a city burn to the ground, even if you agree that the "protestors" have a just grievance. THAT'S NOT LEADERSHIP, that's cowardice.


I don't know what else to say. I love America, despite its faults. I think the "protestors" do as well, even if they'd say its the worst place in the fucking world (I AM giving benefit of the doubt here). We live in performative, polarized times where you need to have the right "image" or "opinion" lest you be branded an other and ex-communicated from civil-society. You can be sympathetic to George Floyd, demand justice for his death and still think that burning down a city is stupid, counterproductive and generally pretty bad. This points of view are not exclusive of one another and I'd wager that it represents the majority of Americans today. If there is a point to this post (BIG IF), it's that if it seems to you that there is a giant divide on this issue - I think that's a false narrative and that Americans seem fairly aligned on what's "right and wrong" here. So everyone take a deep breath, let justice take its course and. . . chill the fuck out.

Back to your regularly scheduled shitposting.