Chicago Mayor Tells Alderman He's "Full of Shit" for Worrying About Looting

When Gateway Pundit can dunk on you, it's a bad day.

Don't get me wrong. There were lots of places with way better reputations running with this story. But that Gateway Pundit was even able to get in on the fun is just *chefs kiss*.

Look. I grew up just outside Chicago, on the good side (read: Indiana). I'm old enough to remember when sports radio spent an entire day dunking on Richard Daley for his Olympics bid. I've always known Chicago would elect the lowest common denominator available. You learn that after a while.

But this lady is special. How special?

Well. She pleaded with businesses to stay in Chicago, but took a slightly different tone with concerned city aldermen when she thought cameras weren't running and mics weren't hot.

"I've got gangbangers with AK-47s to walking around right now, just looking to settle scores. What are we going to do and what to we tell our residents other than 'good faith people stand up' it's not gonna be enough?" "Thank you, Alderman. Next Question." "No, I want an answer, you commented on every- I want an answer." "I think you're 100% full of shit is what I think. It's not something you ignore "
"No offense, but fuck you then."

Upright Citizen's Brigade couldn't have done a better parody if they tried.

He's not full of shit, Ms. Lightfoot, but his ward is definitely full of charcoal from what used to be businesses and buildings.

How was this your pitch? "Please don't relocate your business, also I'm literally telling citizens and their representatives to GFY with their concerns about their personal safety from anarchists." Are you auditioning to be Greg Gutfeld's new practice target on The Five? This is an all time dumb take. It's the kind of thought that gets you a job as a conservative commentator on CNN.

Lightfoot is royally failing her citizens. I remember when her election was hailed as a victory for civil rights, since she was the first black mayor in Chicago since Harold Washington and Eugene Sawyer. The difference is that Harold Washington was a real leader, while Ms. Lightfoot is easily a top contender for some kind of clown based reality show.

Matt McAllister inadvertently summed Lightfoot up best today.

Watch out, Portland and Austin. Chicago's gunning (!) for your Weird Crowns.

"Come do business in Chicago! Screw our Citizens, and frankly, screw you!"