Charges Dropped Against Flynn

As reported, yesterday the justice department dropped the case against Michael Flynn. Its been an extremely long and tiresome three years for the former national security advisor. President Trump had quite a few statements on the exoneration stating if Barr had originally been AG that the fake hoax Russian probe would've been stopped immediately. He went on to say that what happened to Flynn was treason and he hopes that "a big price is going to be paid".

So now that Spygate is officially being exposed, can we just take a second to admire this beautifully aged Trump tweet?

As usual, Twitter was rife with takes discussing the news. In case you missed them, here is a recap of some of the best meltdowns. The libs couldn't contain themselves leaping to translate their tears into 280 characters. Or in @SethAbramson 's case, a dreadfully long thread of complete cognitive dissonance as he slowly slips into madness with every additional 'postscript'.

The meltdowns continued over the course of the day as the story circulated. Thank you @greg_price11 for this laugh.

@Ilhanmn took to twitter to weigh in on the Flynn case stating that the results were due to "white privilege at work".

This, of course, was met with a barrage of replies, including an addition to @SirajAHashmi's 'list', and a good ol' fashion minion swarm.

I think we can all agree with @ComfortablySmug's sentiments on the matter. Its time for real action. Its time to truly expose these treasonous frauds for who they are and its time for some accountability and real justice to prevail. What happened to Flynn is criminal and we're all rooting for his vindication.

As @KyleKashuv put blatantly, "@realDonaldTrump appoint General Flynn as FBI Director!"

Additional news related to this case will be released next week. I am looking forward to the complete unraveling of lib minds as their once beloved narrative comes crumbling down like the house of cards it always was.


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