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Chants of "F*ck Joe Biden" Fill College Stadiums Throughout America

I had an amazing weekend and I hope you did, too. I worked hard and played even harder. I was out at 9 am Saturday morning digging out an old fence and was at the bar by 2 pm watching football. And because we live in hilarious times – all this happened that afternoon.

Sound up for these (NSFW, obviously):

Bama. Roll tide, indeed.

Coastal Carolina. Lmao.

Ole Miss. The lulz


Tennessee, Rocky Top.

More Tennessee because why not?

Virginia Tech, Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi.

And hey – it wasn’t just us people here in the South. Here’s Indiana

For the record – I’m vaxxed but I don’t give a damn if you are or aren’t and that’s how we should all feel. I don’t know where this hero or heroine was but I’m here for it.

As Nero correctly pointed out

Twenty years ago, I most likely would have been sad to see this type of behavior but I’m way past that now. It’s hilarious watching the push back against the left. For too long, they’ve thought because they’ve controlled some key institutions like universities, Hollywood, and Big Tech that they were the majority. Real America is out there. You’ve pissed us off. And we’re letting you know it.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.


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