Celebrate DeAnna Price, America's Hammer Throwing Goddess of Thunder

That's a fun headline, but who is DeAnna Price? Well, I'll be honest, here - I had no idea who DeAnna Price was until last night, when I started to wonder who won the 2021 US Olympic Trials in Women's Hammer Throw?

Now, I'm sure you're wondering, why were you wondering who won the 2021 US Olympic Trial in Women's Hammer Throw? Well, I'll be honest, here - I didn't really care about the 2021 US Olympic Trial in Women's Hammer Throw until Saturday, when this photo started making the rounds:

You see, the third place finisher in the 2021 US Olympic Trial in Women's Hammer Throw decided to protest the anthem during the medal ceremony for the event in which she placed third. The third place finisher apparently alleges that there was some conspiring among the event organizers to punish her by playing the. . . Star Spangled Banner because the third place finisher is a BLM activist who thinks America is racist, or something.

Exhausting stuff, but - ok, whatever.

Protest, do whatever you want. I think it's insanely dumb that a woman who is competing for a place on the UNITED STATES OLYMPIC TEAM would want to participate on a team that represents a country that she believes is terrible. But, ok, whatever, I think MANY things are insanely dumb, but that's the First Amendment for you.

What I DO care about is that the third place finisher decided to make the moment about herself (why not just skip the anthem? why bring a "activist athlete" shirt to the podium?), to the detriment of her teammate and the FIRST place finisher, DeAnna Price.

And folks, , , , let me tell you, DeAnna Price is an ABSOLUTE UNIT and considerably more worthy of your attention then say, a third place finisher.


And I'm not saying that ironically or simply to OWN the third place finisher. No, DeAnna Price is, essentially, a demi-goddess, sent down from Mt. Olympus, specifically to swing around and fling a metal ball into another fucking dimension.

In fact, in her VICTORY at the 2021 Olympic Trials, DeAnna broke her personal record AND set the United States record in the Women's Hammer Throw with this absolute MOON shot:

She threw that thing 80 fucking meters!

In fact, DeAnna's Olympic trial winning throw was two and half meters better than the second place finisher and nearly SEVEN meters further than the third place finisher. For reference, you lay down THREE LeBron Jameses between the third place finisher's best throw and DeAnna's record breaking throw and not a single one would get dinged by the sizable metal orb (much to the dismay of some). Accordingly, for the third place finisher to draw attention to herself in what was a truly special moment for her teammate (and her sport as a whole) seems particularly self-centered and small of her (imagine if the roles were reversed, you can guess what the media narrative would've been).

Not only that, but DeAnna is currently the BEST athlete in her sport. Back at the 2019 World Championships, she took home GOLD for the United States. That was the FIRST time the United States ever won a gold medal in Women's Hammer Throw (we still haven't won an Olympic Gold, but DeAnna is seeking to change that).

That's right, DeAnna Price, the St. Charles, Missouri native and former Saluki from Southern Illinois University, is the real story here. The WINNER, who is breaking records and some hearts (she is happily married and her husband is now her coach), should be the focus of your attention, rather than the third place finisher and her antics at the medal stand (which seem as much about getting a Nike deal as they do about "activism").

So when the Olympics begin, keep an eye on DeAnna Price. We will be.

Let's see if she can break the all-time record (her 80 meter throw is somehow still 2.5m short of the world record held by some Polish broad in 1985 (roids?) ) and bring home to the United States its first Olympic Gold Medal in women's hammer throw. Either way, DeAnna Price is an electric factory swinging that hammer and is going to represent herself and her country with honor.

But seriously, though, DeAnna - break their minds and that record. We're rooting for you.

Happy Wednesday and God Bless America.