C-SPAN Host and Upcoming Debate Moderator Accidentally (Hacked?) Tweets to Anthony Scaramucci

Steve Scully, a long-tenured host on C-SPAN, is slated to moderate the next debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden (which may not happen after the President's COVID diagnosis). Steve Scully was a former intern for . . . Joe Biden. That's suspicious, but . . . hey, maybe he's not a total dishonest political hack. It could be true?

Well his non-partisanship feels a little less certain today, after Scully's twitter account tweeted out the following question to Anthony Scaramuuci, President Trump's former press secretary-turned-hyperbolic critic:

It seems extremely likely that Steve Scully was attempting to send Anthony Scaramucci a "direct message" (a private message) that was intended for Scaramuuci's eyes only, but sent the private message as a tweet instead.

The tweet is now deleted, but remained online for several hours - leading many (myself included) to mercilessly mock him online:

Today, Scully denied that he sent the tweet and instead blamed. . . HACKERS for infiltrating his account and sending out a single tweet to . . . Anthony Scaramuuci, someone that goes on television and attacks President Trump.

Here is C-SPAN's explanation:

Let's just say that most people were not buying Scully's story:

It also turns out that this was NOT the first time that Scully has used the "I WAS HACKED" excuse on Twitter:

So based on Steve Scully's statements . . . this would've been the third time he's been hacked. What the hell is Scully's password, "Biden2020"?

Or maybe. . .


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