Brian Urlacher Calls out NBA Players for Boycotting Games; MLB, NHL Cancel Games in 'Solidarity'

Brian Urlacher, the retired, Hall of Fame Middle Linebacker for the Chicago Bears, is a national treasure.

Why? Because Urlacher appears to be the only pro-athlete willing to call out the NBA for boycotting games because they were big mad about the Jacob Blake shooting. Yes, Urlacher, in an Instagram story post on his personal account said what we all were thinking:

Here is a visual representation of what just occured:

God, I hate Aaron Rodgers. Yes, I am a Bears fan.

There is a lot to be said about what happened to Jacob Blake - and I'll let others report on the facts. What I will say is that the Jacob Blake shooting (much like the George Floyd shooting) is not black and white and people should allow the facts to come out before making conclusions as to what happened.

That is not what the NBA did, yesterday - as they all agreed to boycott Wednesday's playoff games:

and, of course, LeBron had to chime in:

Seriously, fuck LeBron - he is the epitome of an entitled, dickhead millennial.

This FERVOR, of course, led the other leagues to follow suit, with MLB canceling three games last night and the NHL now choosing to boycott ALL games on Thursday:

Man, it's just amazing how MAJOR corporations can now be so easily pressured into doing whatever the woke Left wants them to do. Not only does the media offer ZERO pushback, they engage in the dog pile and corporations are so scared to insult a single person by. . . not engaging in a boycott over a man accused of having sex with a minor - that they just capitulate.

What a fucking disgrace. It feels like the sports leagues have taken their most ardent fan base for granted. Like they are trying to actively alienate the people who watch the most games, buy the most jerseys and cheer the loudest. It feels like the sports leagues are trying to proselytize while also being leagues filled with players that most of us wouldn't exactly call "moral". It feels like the sports leagues . . . kind of dislike their customers. Maybe it's time we start to dislike them back.

Thank god we have men like Brian Urlacher.