Breaking Down the Senate Report on Hunter Biden, Ukraine and Hookers

Big news breaking out of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee this morning. News that is a shock to no one who has been paying attention. Hunter Biden, remember that guy? Yea, he is exactly who we thought he was. A skeevy corrupt little deviant getting rich off of Daddy's office. The HSGA Committee dropped a damning report on Hunter and Burisma; the central issue of the Trump impeachment farce late last year.

Key findings included the Biden families corrupt ties to both Ukraine and Russia, as well as, China and its impact on the Obama Administration's ability to conduct policy in these regions. Is it any wonder why Joe Biden is so clearly "Made in China?"

And it wouldn't be a report on Hunter Biden without a little bit of sexual deviance thrown into the mix. I mean this is a guy who banged his brothers widow, gets pegged by strippers in the champagne room, and knocks up Instagram thots. Trafficked Russian hookers is about the tamest thing he has ever done.

Will the corrupt press pay this any mind or will they continue to operate as interference for the Democrats and Joe Biden campaign? We already know the answer.

To be fair, they are probably too busy covering the latest fake anti-Trump book or crying about lack of social distancing and masks at an outdoor rally. But, President Trump has thoughts on how they should proceed.

The fact of the matter is, Hunter Biden is basically what every vicious lib has try to label the Trump children as for the past four years. A corrupt, lying, traitorous skeezeball. They wanted to indict Donald Trump Jr. for having a ten minute meeting with a Fusion GPS operative. But Hunter is just a shrewd international business man though, I guess. Structuring genius deals, that just so happen to include huge windfalls for himself and Sleepy Joe, in between crack benders and weird sexual escapades.

With just 40 days until the presidential election between Trump and Biden this Hunter corruption situation should become a major focal point. And in a sane country, it would spell doom for the Biden campaign. But in 2020, in this absurd moment in our country's history, you will probably be smeared a conspiracy theorist for even daring to bring it up.

It is imperative that the Senate call Hunter Biden before this committee before the election so that the American people can get answers to these important questions such as...

...but I have a sneaking suspicion that no one is going to be able to find poor old Hunter. They have got him hidden in a basement somewhere too. Like father, like son it would seem.

After years of Russian Collusion hoaxes, fake news "bombshells", and a farcical impeachment the President needs to hammer this point home during the stretch run of this campaign. Hunter Biden is corrupt because Joe Biden is corrupt. It is as simple as that. We cannot let these people get their grubby hands on the levers of power once again and sell us down the river to Chinese Communists. A repudiation of the Bidens by the American people will be a repudiation of DC swamp corruption more broadly. The tide is turning...and the best is yet to come.