BOMBSHELL: NBA Pretends to be Shocked Communist Dictatorship Operates like Communist Dictatorship

A remarkable story -- dare I say an actual piece of journalism -- dropped at ESPN today. The story alleges that the Chinese have been abusing the children at the NBA youth development academies located in the authoritarian communist nation. They physically beat them and denied them their educations. The investigation found that the NBA officials have known about the complaints for quite some time. A truly horrific story and what should amount to a massive scandal for the NBA.

For those who are not fully aware by now, there are 3 million Chinese Uighur Muslims imprisoned in concentration camps at this very moment inside of China's borders. But that hasn't stopped the NBA from simping for Chinese communists over and over and over again. Oh and did I mention that most of the youths facing abuse in the basketball camps were Uighurs? This of course all coming while the NBA also constantly trashes America for its so-called horrible oppression, injustice, and because the Orange Man is very BAD. These people are getting rich on hating America and being an arm of the Chinese Communist Party.

Less than three weeks ago the NBA's leading mouthpiece, Adrian Wojnarowski, responded "Fuck you" to an email from Senator Josh Hawley containing a press release blasting the NBA for their constant kowtowing to communist China while also trashing America.

But as Flappr Editor in Chief, Bartleby, notes it is likely going to be Senator Hawley who is going to have the last laugh by hauling NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's ass in front of the Senate over the latest findings.

Bart also notes that Adam Silver, despite knowing about the atrocities occurring in Xinjiang, continued playing softball with the brutal Chinese regime all because they carry NBA games on the Chinese Tencent platform. Truly pathetic. Oh and another fun little nugget...Adam Silver maxed out for Democrat pro-China candidate Sleepy Joe Biden.

As mentioned above, the NBA and its players/coaches have never had a problem reminding you about how shitty America actually is and how truly evil our current president is. But when it comes to China "its complicated."

When Woj was suspended from ESPN for the "Hawley Fuck you" incident, Lebron James (who is not as good as Michael Jordan) came running to his defense to a #FreeWoj tweet. How about #FreeHongKong???

When Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted out support for Hong Kong democracy back in October 2019, Lebron said Morey "wasn't very educated on the issue" and his comments "harmed so many people financially, emotionally, and spiritually." Ah the plight of the oppressed American millionaires who play a game for a living. But don't forget Lebron will lecture you on a daily basis about the crushing oppression that completely free American face while raking in that sweet dough from Chinese slaves. Lebron James - a complete pussy both on and off the court.

Or take the feckless pseudo-intellectual Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, for example. He has tweeted about Trump 27 times alone in the past four years (not to mention the countless mentions in interviews/pressers and the refusals to visit the White House). This is not even to mention all the time he spends lecturing the rest of us on how horribly and irredeemably racist the United States it. Want to guess how many times Steve Kerr has tweeted about whats going on in China? When Morey dropped his Hong Kong tweet, Kerr's response was "no comment" and to deflect with a "what about human rights abuses by the US?" Coward. This guy could really use another ass kicking from MJ.

The examples are endless with these NBA knuckleheads. I only expect it to get a whole lot dumber as they reboot their season chalk full of social justice messaging and anti-American sentiment but also continue getting on their knees for Winnie the Xi. So while the entire NBA compares the United States to Nazi Germany because Republicans exist or something, their own employees are out here admitting that NBA run facilities in China are "like World War II Germany." This league is completely unsupportable at this point and is quite possibly irredeemable.

At the end of the day, I think queen of the fucking bitches Kaitlin sums it up pretty well...

The moral of tonight's story is that under no circumstances should anyone give another red cent to this despicable league. Not a single one. And not only the NBA but the United States as a whole needs to re-evaluate our entire relationship with communist China. Its a new day and we need to see this thing through, the almighty dollar be damned. Because if we do...the best will really be yet to come.