Big Night for GOP; Flappr is a Soccer Blog

Last night was fucking epic. It was basically all good news for conservatives and the GOP.

The only somewhat disappointing news is that Jack Ciattarelli might fall short of shocking the world and beating the scumbag incumbent Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy. At the time of publishing, Ciattarelli is trailing by only 15,000 votes after leading most of last evening.

Still nobody expected Ciattarelli to make this a race (the final Real Clear Politics polling average had Phil Murphy ahead by 7.8 percentage points), so even if Ciattarelli loses, coming this close is in and of itself a win for the GOP.


Now the fun stuff - last night was a bloodbath for Democrats.

Let us introduce you to Edward Durr, a Republican truck driver from New Jersey running for State Senate against a 20 year incumbent, who is also the current State Senate President.

Edward Durr spent only $153 dollars on his campaign.

Edward Durr is currently beating the incumbent by over 2,000 votes.

Here is his campaign video:

Edward Durr is absolute ELECTRIC FACTORY!

Onto Seattle, where Ann Davison, a REPUBLICAN, is beating the super progressive candidate for City Attorney.

You read that correctly, a Republican, running as a Republican is beating a progressive in Seattle.

Now to Texas, where in a district that is 73% Latino and that Joe Biden won by 14 points, Republican John Lujan defeated the Democrat to flip a seat in the Texas State House.

The of course you have Virginia, where Glenn Youngkin defied convention and became the first Republican to win a state wide election in twelve years. He will be the new Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia despite Terry McAuliffe bringing in Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Stacy Abrams to campaign for him. How embarrassing for them.

Good, fuck them.

Even better news - Youngkin will not be heading into office alone. Virginia Republicans look poised to control the Virginia House 52-48, Virginia Republican, Jason Miyares, won the Attorney General race AND the beautiful, Winsome Sears will be the new Lt. Governor of Virginia.

Ms. Sears was born in Jamaica, grew up in the Bronx, and served as an electrician in the Marines. She is the American Dream and her victory inspired us to tweet out this:

The tweet went pretty viral (16K likes!) and it was during this time we noticed that, for some reason, Twitter categorized Flappr under its "Soccer" topic:

So, as victims of fate, we have no choice but to accept our new role as a soccer blog.

Flappr is now a soccer blog.

Now Flappr is a blog run by red-blooded American men and women (not soy-based Liberals), so we did not know much about Soccer. So we googled soccer and buddy, , , , , , we liked what we found:

THIS is soccer? Why didn't anyone tell us that this was soccer?

Is this why soccer is called "the beautiful game"?

Are these the World Cups that people talk about every four years?

Ok, is it possible that Twitter categorized us correctly and that we've been a soccer blog this entire time?

I mean we do OCCASIONALLY post blogs about bewbs, naughty t-shirts, sex advice, and sex advice by degenerates. And there was that one erotica blog from Professor Jimbo about Brett Kavanaugh.

If hot chicks = soccer, then = soccer blog. It's that simple.

Happy Wednesday, Go Edward Durrrrrrr and God Bless America.