WATCH: Biden Admits that Trump-Signed USMCA is Better than Biden-Supported NAFTA

Joe Biden finally did an interview! If you call sitting down with Jake Tapper, who is basically a DNC operative who allegedly tried to intervene in a PA Congressional race, doing an interview.

This is probably wise for Joe, he needs to be challenged because the debates will not be scripted and will not be like the slobbering media blow job fest that Biden has become accustomed to these past several months. Here is an artist's rendering of the media-Biden relationship since he earned the nomination:

*muffled* "Mr Biden, what do you think about the President's soul?" *Gulps*

So yeah, it makes sense for Joe to strap on the pads with a friendly journo like Jake Tapper and run some drills to prepare for the onslaught that will be Donald J. Trump.

So lets see how he did:

HAHAHAHAHAHA, he couldn't even handle one difficult question. Tapper basically prompts him to say "yeah, well USMCA is pretty good - but Donald Trump is a jerk and I can do better", but Joe just rambles on about Pharma and how a "republican congress" prevented him from renegotiating NAFTA - a bill Joe Biden VOTED FOR WHILE HE WAS IN THE SENATE. Oh, and the Democrats held the Presidency, the House and the Senate for the first two years of the Obama presidency - but wasted their majority on . . . Obamacare. Fuck off, Joe.

Here are some of my favorite reaction shots from Tapper during that exchange:

My god, that pregnant pause. . .Tapper just wants him to not be a total buffoon and not make his job (helping Joe Biden get elected, naturally) not impossible.

"Man I hope I don't get fired for helping Trump get re-elected"
"No wonder they keep you locked in a basement"

Oh, that's good stuff. Let's see what else he said during this "interview":

No, no we don't Joe. China is our biggest threat geopolitically and we've seen how normalizing trade relations with them has resulted in losing jobs here, in the US, and only helped them gain power and increase our reliance on them for certain goods (think PPE during the height of the Chinavirus). Kind of suspect that he's suckin on that Chicom teat, given that they (according to intelligence) prefer him to win this November. #BeijingBiden or whatever.

One more:

Oh for fucks sake. No, nobody thinks you're in better health than the President. Say what you want about Trump (like. . . WHY WOULD YOU TALK TO BOB WOODWARD FOR 9 HOURS?!?), but POTUS is not showing any signs of slowing down mentally. Biden on the other hand, as this blog as demonstrated countless times, has applesauce for brains. I guess the proof will be in the pudding (also an appropriate descriptor for Biden's mental capacity), but I think the debates are going to go poorly for Joe - especially if he can barely survive an interview with Jake Tapper.