WATCH: Biden Admin Sets Ambitious Goal of Getting 50% of Schools Open 20% of the Time

Joe Biden is used to very low expectations. The media basically ignored anything and everything Biden said or did after it looked likely that he'd win the nomination last March. So it should serve as no surprise that now President Joe Biden is continuing to set the bar extremely low for himself - hoping that nobody will notice and nobody will hold him accountable.

He already did this with his 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days target (we literally vaccinated 1.6 million his first full day in office).

Pretty ambitious, Joe.

Now he's doing the same expectation lowering act with school re-openings:

Did you catch that? Psaki says that Joe Biden's goal is to have "more than 50% of schools open by day 100 of his presidency -- that means some teaching in classrooms -- at least one day a week." That means to this administration, a school can be defined as "open" even if kids are still learning remotely 80% of the time. I mean, talk about shooting for the stars here folks, the Biden admin has a "goal" of trying to convince half of public schools will be open at least 20% of the time. I mean this is reminiscent of JFK's inspirational speech where he set a goal of landing a man on the moon within a decade.

In reality, what this shows is that the Biden admin is so confident that the media will not sincerely scrutinize the decisions they make - certainly not the way they did for his predecessor and likely with less gusto as they did for Obama, Bush or Clinton before him. This is the price we pay for having a media unwilling to do their jobs. This is the price we pay for electing a president who cares more about his relationship with teachers' unions than he does for the children that those teachers are charged with the responsibility to educate.

If the GOP was a functioning party, they would capitalize on this moment and push school choice messaging and legislation. The Democrats inherent weakness here is obvious - they take gobs of campaign dollars from teachers' unions and cannot come out against them for fear of upsetting their golden goose. A Republican party that was focused on winning elections and helping American families instead of trying raise their individual profile with political stunts would be hammering the Dems right now on this issue. Unfortunately, the GOP remains distracted in the wake of the election, the riots and impeachment and it doesn't seem healthy enough to put up coherent messaging on anything.

Oh well, elections have consequences, folks.

Have a good Tuesday and God Bless America.