WATCH: Biden Unveils $2 Trillion "Infrastructure Bill".

Joe Biden is set to release his 2 Trillion Dollar "Infrastructure" Bill tomorrow, on April Fool's Day. Who knows if the timing was intentional, but if it was, I have to admit, I appreciate the troll - as this "Infrastructure" Bill is as much about "infrastructure" as Biden's 1.9 Trillion Dollar "COVID Stimulus Bill" was about "COVID".

Biden, an incoherent vehicle for socialism, took to the stage today to read some pre-written (of course) remarks on what's going to be included in this bill. Let's watch:

If you didn't listen to the whole thing, it was a lot of soft speak, mumblin' about revitalizing the middle class, bumblin' stories about "rebuilding" and stumblin' how much Joe loves or something.

But what's exactly in the bill? Well, according to the NY Times, per a source at the White House, here is some of what you can expect to see in this bill:

  • $174 Billion for "Electric vehicle incentives"

  • $50 Billion for "Disaster resilience"

  • $35 Billion for "Other"

  • $20 Billion for "Underserved communities"

  • $200 Billion in grants and tax credits for "Affordable housing"

  • $100 Billion for "Electric grid and clean energy"

  • $100 Billion for "Public schools"

  • $25 Billion for "Child care facilities"

  • $52 Billion for "Domestic Manufacturing"

  • $50 Billion for the "National Science Foundation"

  • $50 Billion for "Supply chain support"

  • $50 Billion for the "Semiconductor industry"

  • $48 Billion for "Work force development"

  • $46 Billion for "Clean energy manufacturing"

  • $40 Billion for "Research infrastructure"

  • $40 Billion for "New dislocated worker program"

  • $35 Billion for "Climate technology"

  • $31 Billion for "Small-business support"

  • $30 Billion for "Innovation and competitiveness"

  • $20 Billion for "Underserved communities"

  • $5 Billion for "New rural partnership program"

  • $25 Billion for "Research at Historically Black Colleges and Universities"

  • $400 billion to expand access to caregiving for those who are older and those with disabilities, and to improve pay and benefits for caregivers.

Worried that this list doesn't include a whole lot of money for traditional "infrastructure" projects? Don't worry, there plan also calls to update 20,000 miles of highways and roads; repair 10,000 bridges - at a cost of 115 Billion Dollars.

For comparison's sake, the last major infrastructure bill passed by Congress in 2015 - the FAST Act - was $305 billion and dedicated to highway, transit and railway programs ($233 billion highways, $49 billion for transit and $10 billion for federal passenger rail systems).

Defending such lavish and partisan spending won't be an issue for Joe Biden, Nancy Peloshee and Chuck Schumer, who knows that the media will frame this bill in whatever way they're told.

You won't see anyone in the media asking why we need $174 Billion to provide incentives for electric cars and to build a "a network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers", when only about 2% of vehicles in the United States are electric plug-ins.

You wont see anyone ask Dems why Public schools need an additional $100 Billion, when they just received $283 Billion through the last three COVID relief bills.

You won't see anyone in the media asking Dems if they're worried about inflation caused by never before seen levels of spending. Or if Corporate Tax Increases might result in lower wages and job cuts.

Make no mistake - the Democrats have a very effective strategy in wielding their political power. They aren't looking for small victories, no - they're pushing every single thing on their partisan, socialist, wish list under auspices of "Infrastructure" or "COVID Relief" or "Voting Rights" and then sending their feckless media allies out to frame the narrative for them. Should you object, you'll be called a racist - because why else would you object to money for "HCBU Universities" or "Underserved Communities" or ensuring "voting rights" or that "kids can go back to school".

It's a devious scheme, it's working and will continue to work as long as our media institution continues to abdicate their role of questioning Democrats in power.

The only thing that was keeping the progressives away from runaway spending was a Republican controlled Senate - which was lost when David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler lost their senate races in Georgia this past January. This what the consequences of losing elections looks like - your grandchildren being burdened by insurmountable debt.

Remember that come midterms if you consider "sitting this one out".

Happy Hump Day, God Bless America.