• Nero

(WATCH): Biden Compares the Death of George Floyd to MLK

Oh Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, what are you doing my dude? Do you even know where you are? What year it is? Who Martin Luther King was? Joe Biden the Democrat Nominee for President and great blue hope apparently thinks that George Floyd's death was more impactful than Dr King's was.

Seriously Joe just because some spoiled kids are taking George Floyd's death as an excuse to play Anarchist doesn't mean it had anywhere near the impact or importance of Dr. King's life or death. I know erasing history is the hot new thing but seriously dude.

Thankfully Twitter was there to set poor Joe straight

The Democrats are way into this pandering to the moment right now but I never thought they would go this far. Then again this is the party willing to commit felony elder abuse in order to try and win an election. If there were any decent media outlets other than Flappr and maybe Infowars they would be called out for their insincere attempts at seemingly like they care about this issue in order to obtain power. How can anyone be expected to take this party seriously when they are running a man for president who the former chair of the party thinks should be left in the basement? Kind of a rhetorical question but I suppose the answer is "Orange Man Bad".