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Biden Exceeding Expectations; is Somehow Worse than Imagined

I must admit, Joe Biden is exceeding my expectations.

Don’t get me wrong: I fully anticipated a tenure riddled with easily avoidable policy blunders, but I didn’t expect so many in his first month.

My opinion of Joe was so low that I figured that even an incompetent performance would be too high a bar to expect from the man. While he pledged a return to normalcy, I had forgotten that for career politicians like Joe Biden bureaucratic inaction was indeed the norm. And judging from the headlines, Mr. President, you’ve thus far made good on your pledge.

In fact, Biden’s first four weeks in office can easily be summed up in a single word: “no.” As in no power, no schools, and no checks.

It’s a painful reality most recently felt in the great state of Texas, where Winter Storm Uri brought temperatures in the teens and left more than 4 million Texans without electricity, largely thanks to the state’s increasing reliance on wind power.

Wind is now the second largest energy source in Texas, and when Uri’s once-in-a-century temperatures caused the turbines to freeze, blackouts inevitably followed. Most in the Lone Star State made it through of course, but many did not. Nor did many more pets and livestock.

In fairness, Biden has only been in office for a month. And it’s not like the guy can control the weather.

But his efforts to radically dial down fossil fuels in favor of other energy sources that don’t seem ready for primetime— especially in light of the tragedy in Texas—will be to blame for the next inevitable disaster. And the next. And the next.

Texas is proof the President’s killing of the Keystone Pipeline and his latest ban on fracking (you know, the one he swore he wasn’t going to implement) will have grave implications for American energy security in the years ahead.

And considering his Vice President was a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, hell will freeze over before this administration puts the interests of the American people before the Democratic Party’s far-left political agenda.

If you think me hyperbolic, consider Biden’s tiptoeing around the opening of schools; millions of American children are being stripped of their childhoods and, quite possibly, their adulthoods because the Leader of the Free World refuses to stand up to the teachers’ unions.

Despite pledging to “follow the science,” when it comes to reopening schools Number 46 has done anything but.

When the CDC declared it safe to open schools, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested such guidance meant in-class instruction as little as one day per week, a metric so absurd that Biden was forced to chalk it up to “a mistake in the communication” at last week’s CNN Town Hall.

Given that teachers unions donated more money to Biden than any other 2020 candidate, it’s safe to conclude there was no “mistake.” Rather, the President is biding his time in an attempt to appease a political movement that has grown so powerful it can defy federal guidance.

Ain’t normalcy grand?

For far too many kids, school is a refuge—be it a meal or a counselor, it’s the one place they can go for a range of fulfillment. Consequently, the results of their forced stay-at-home learning are dire, ranging from lower test scores to depression and suicide.

But so long as our children can be used as political leverage, their fate seems of little importance to the science lover in the White House.

For that matter, so does the fate of their parents.

Despite the President’s promise that $2,000 stimulus payments would “go out the door immediately” should Democrats’ win Georgia’s Senate seats in January, the checks are still not in the mail. Literally.

Rather than do the hard work of helping those who have paid his salary for half a century, the President and his party would rather waste more of our hard-earned dollars on laughable distractions such as the last impeachment trial.

Schumer’s soapbox, it seems, is far more important than getting money into the hands of millions who were forced out of work not through any fault of their own, but because their respective governments forbade them from earning a living.

Worse yet, while Americans continue to reel from COVID’s economic impact Biden felt compelled to defend the Chinese government and restore funding to the World Health Organization, which acted as a de facto Chinese propaganda arm throughout the pandemic.

In your own words, Mr. President:

Because if this is normal, I’ll take chaos any day.


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