Banish Corporate Media Forever

I’ve spilled a lot of ink over the past few months on corporate news media regarding bad

ratings, dishonest reporting, and narrative promotion over truth. At this point, barring a major event happening like if Alan Dershowitz’s lawsuit bankrupts CNN, I’m done discussing them.

There’s just no need to keep pointing out their continuing descent into cultural irrelevancy. They don’t matter. I ignore them and I wish conservatives would stop going on these shows.


So let’s talk about the new news media and some good outlets to get your daily news from.

One of my favorite programs for months was Rising from The Hill. The hosts recently left to

go independent and now host a show called Breaking Points. The show consists of Krystal

Ball and Saagar Enjeti. The show works because Krystal leans left while Saggar leans right so it keeps the show extremely balanced. They’ll have both prominent liberals and

conservatives on the show and often in the same panel to discuss the issues of the day which is something I really enjoy. It never gets personal or heated and everyone stays respectful even when they disagree with each other.

I think this show also makes it clear there is a definitive split on the left between the old-

school redistributionist left and the newer race based identity politic left. The liberals on this

show are definitely more the former and they don’t pander to the new racist left which is

refreshing to see. These are liberals that think free speech is important. Often times, both

sides will agree on the outcome they want but differ in how they should arrive at that goal –

and that’s good to see in today’s climate when so often there’s no ground to be shared with

the New Left. Also, the show is popular! They’re already the top political podcast. It just proves there is a market for this kind of journalism.

For more right leaning channels, I follow Steve Turley, Steven Crowder, and never forget

about how much red-pilled content some classical liberals like Tim Pool or Dave Rubin put out.

The last two aren’t conservatives but I put them on the right because they don’t align with

the New Left and enough of their goals align with the right that it’s hard to seriously call them

liberals. All these channels cover a wide range of topics, are often really insightful, and give

you a new view rather than the filtered garbage that comes through corporate media.

And while I do consume a lot of right wing news I think it’s also important to watch certain left

leaning channels, too. I really enjoy watching Jimmy Dore as he mercilessly mocks what he

calls the “shit-libs” or what I refer to as the New Left. Dore is not down with the liberals that

don’t value free speech and think your skin color defines who you are and he certainly has no time for Sleepy Joe and his tirades about both just crack me up.

Another left leaning channel I like is Kyle Kalinsky. I definitely disagree with him on a lot of things but I feel he approaches the channel with honesty and he makes some good arguments sometimes. Having your ideas challenged occasionally is never a bad thing.

If you haven’t tried YouTube for news you should watch some of those channels when you have free time. I have completely cut out corporate media out of my life and won’t even click a Washington Post, New York Times, or CNN article anymore. Why should I when they just make me angry because they’re so dishonest? Also, a lot of those channels are humorous so I feel good afterwards.

Try it. You might, too.