Back the Blue?

War and politics make strange bedfellows, and while I'm no leftist, one of the most aggravating things about conservatives, MAGA die-hards, and pro-America people in general is that they have no concept of where battles are fought and whom happen to be their allies.

We as a broader, big-tent coalition are making amazing progress in certain areas. This is not debatable. Look at the meltdown CRT has created, as people are beginning to realize that it is school boards who implement bad policies and protect bad teachers that are the real problem, not individual classroom instructors as a whole (this columnist thanks you all for this development).

Still, there are other areas where we are depressingly lagging, which brings me to Australia, Canada, and one of the most infuriating things about modern conservatives: blind support of law enforcement.

To be fair, I've never quite co-existed willingly with police, military, or other national security groups. Because of who I am as a person, they've really only had downside for me. The reality is that I don't need them to protect me, that I'm quite willing to pursue my own justice if I or people I care about are hurt, and that even on a good day when I'm trying to be nice, my temperament can often be described as akin to a wolverine with a hangover.

But, this is not conducive to a productive society, and we've chosen otherwise, so I find myself having to live side-by-side with a group of people whose only purpose is to fine, cite, or otherwise cause burden in my day-to-day existence. You see, I regularly pass the shopping cart test, and so find myself in this position.

This leads me to 2021, the aforementioned nations, “Back the Blue” and one of the most hysterical failures of conservatism in the last 100 or so years.

In 2020, law enforcement faced unprecedented persecution from leftists, including stigmatization and defunding. They were treated as pariahs, regularly assaulted, and on a few occasions even tried as murderers. Conservatives, being reactionaries, responded with a #BackTheBlue campaign, and regularly defended local law enforcement while also pushing back against defunding campaigns.

This went exactly as one would think: Blue areas of the nation experienced unprecedented crime, violent and otherwise, while Red areas did not.

However, an interesting dichotomy played out internationally as this went on. Law enforcement regularly enforced the will of the state on people despite the will of the state clearly being overreaching and oppressive.

Australia built literal internment camps, arrested teenagers for the crime of being outdoors, and had its cities effectively placed under an East German martial law. Babies and children were literally denied life saving medical treatments under the guise of preventing the spread of a nasty flu. No word on if residents of Sydney have been allowed to leave the pods yet.

My assumption is no.

New Zealand has become a second Hermit Kingdom, led by a histrionic white woman so bent on eradicating the common cold that she openly admitted to wanting a two-tiered society of classes, one where those who bent to her will regarding vaccination and lockdowns were granted privileges the state saw fit, and one where the unclean “others” were effectively cut out of society.

Great Britain began trying to police thought crimes, briefly toyed with vaccine passports, and enacted mass mandates for “the jab” as they refer to it.

My point in bringing these up is to point out that the nation who brought Roman ideals of freedom and liberty into the modern age and its descendants saw those very ideals crumble at the first chance the state had to take a whack at it.

All this was enforced by local law enforcement and the military, and it has been no better in our hemisphere.

Justin Trudeau and his administration have taken it upon themselves to challenge Jacinda Arden and the Kiwis in Christchurch, New Zealand as the most deranged despots of the western world. I, for one, am not particularly surprised. When the G8 met for the first time since China's virus had upended society, most of the leaders chose to shed their masks for the socially distanced photo-op.

Not Trudeau, however, he kept his mask on. He's a true believer in this new, silly religion, which is far scarier than someone like Boris Johnson or Joe Biden, who are blithering imbeciles but are clearly only into this despotism for personal advancement, or are controlled by people who fit that description.

Trudeau, however, as a newly baptized Covidite, lacks a certain individualistic hubris that prevents some of the other world leaders from self-immolating.

The Trudeau government has decided that it wants to crush Thought Crimes and dissension, and so it is going after opposition groups, finances, assets, and family members of anyone who dare stand in the way of their French-Monarchy-Esq edicts and proclamations from wherever the hell they're currently hiding.

They are openly admitting they want to make their emergency powers permanent, and that they are going to crush dissension by any means necessary.

And Canadian law enforcement and military? They're backing Trudeau, and doing things like trampling grandmothers in the name of safety.

This phenomenon is not limited to Canada in the Western Hemisphere.

As a thank you to small government supporters, law enforcement in America have:

  • Cited mothers and their children for playing at a park.

  • Removed patrons from restaurants by force for not showing their papers.

  • Attempted to arrest people for going to the beach...alone.

  • Escorted children out of school for protesting onerous and pointless mask mandates.

  • Arrested people for ignoring dictatorial local edicts.

  • Attempted to arrest and/or fine people for the crime of going to church (aside: this, to me, is the most egregious one, given my own personal religious beliefs).

My point? You may Back the Blue, but the Blue may not back you if you are the target of the State. Because they back the State, who pays them median (nationwide) salary of ~$67,000, and their comfortable position as overseers on the new American plantation that our elites are trying to create.

What then, are we as a broader right-wing coalition to do?

The State is now openly against freedom and the State includes law enforcement. So those who will willfully enforce tyrannical edicts upon you cannot be treated as allies and blindly treating them as such will result only in our doom and the fulfillment of Lincoln's prophecy that we as a free nation will live forever, or die by suicide.

So, to remove the collective gun from your temples, force law enforcement to back you the way you envision yourselves backing them. Strip them of your support and give them the chance to pick a side.

Treat them like you've been treating your local school board. Show up to meetings, throw their hypocrisy in their faces, remind them of their duty to their communities and the constitution - over all else, especially petty tyrants looking to crush their political opposition.

Shun them, and yes, their families - if necessary - to make choosing to side with the State as unpopular as it is to teach your kids that they're non-binary bigots.

At this point, it doesn't seem like we have any other choice.