• Nero

Antifa Faces the Harsh Reality of War

"War, war never changes" were the only words that came to mind as Comrade Logan Tournquist looked down upon the body of his fallen compatriot. Just boys they had come to the nation's capital in order to over through a tyrannical system that had allowed them to prepare for their date with destiny without ever worrying about where their next avocado and soy cheese sandwich was going to come from. Logan knew this wouldn't be easy and sacrifices would have to be made. It wasn't until he saw his fellow Antifa soldier facing death as he writhed on the ground it in pain that it became real. At that moment Logan knew exactly how his great grandfather felt storming the beaches of Normandy in WWII. Finally Logan was a man. "War, war never changes" he thought again.

Logan knew they would face detractors. He was aware that there would be though who enjoy the comfortable lives and endless options the American System provides them. Logan was prepared to stand up against those who fought to hold on to a way of life that has made the world safer than it has ever been in history because he knew there were also those who would support his fight to destroy everything America stands for.

"War, war never changes"