Andrew Bates' Tweet Disappears Faster Than His Hairline And Job

It is with no joy that I let you all know, the Blue Checks are indeed at it again.

Yesterday's masterpiece by Master Bates, the Rapid Response Director for Joe Biden, was only a part of this precious world for a few short hours. It was much like his boss's few daily cohesive thoughts. A vapor in the wind of dementia. Andrew showed off his Rapid Responsin' skillz by deleting the tweet so fast that, in the words of the Godking Trump, "it'd make your head spin".

(side note: whenever Trump says that I imagine Acosta's head spinning round and round and I've always wanted a gif of that):

If anything good has come out of this Chinese virus disaster it's that it has created a good measuring stick for what is big news. If the media is diverting attention away from the virus it's for a big story. The most recent example of this is Obama's self ordered spying on the Trump campaign, specifically Michael Flynn. And the FBI's disgusting techniques of attempting to make him lie rather than actually find a crime he committed.

This scandal is so bad normally Left leaning news outlets are having to cover it and actually ask questions and report (please don't faint) new discoveries. This was the case with CBS's Catherine Herridge yesterday, tweeting this

It's a list showing the people involved in the "unmasking" of General Flynn. Take a second and look at the last name on the third picture. Sound familiar? Don't let the Joseph R. (Robinette) throw you off. That's our dear Sleepy Joe Biden, then Vice President. Apparently Catherine didn't contact Biden to let him get out ahead of this damning evidence. And THIS is what seems to have made his Rapid Response Director get heated. See, Democrats and their operatives are used to being given information that may hurt their candidacy/candidate BEFORE it hits the public, in order to give their favorite news channels the talking points and spin.

Andrew 'Maestro' Bates decided the best course of action, rather than shut his yap and let the campaign form a response, was to RAPID RESPONSE RAPIDLY. And out of all the excuses he could've picked he went with the classic "everyone I disagree with is a Right Wing Hack".

What's wrong with that you ask? Don't they usually get away with this? Indeed, they do. But this is 2020, and the American people are sick of the stupid excuses and drivel the Democrat Party has been spewing out of their nether regions for years. And our dear Master Bates receded his tweet. Er, rescinded his hairline. NO. RESCINDED. HIS. TWEET. There. He deleted it. But seriously. My man. You're in your 30's. Not having had a successful relationship is no excuse for this.

If you're a Rapid Response Director your ONE JOB is to not get ratio'd. Unfortunately for the Wish brand Ray Ban wearing white LeBron James of hairlines, getting ratio'd is just what happened.

There was this from Aaron

This from Stephen Miller (NO NOT THAT STEPHEN MILLER)

Just an absolute can't unsee that from Daily Caller's Greg Price

And again our own @millennialother pointing out the hilarity of Bates' Twitter blunders

DC Examiner's Jerry Dunleavy taking a few shots and finally the chaser

Andrew Bates could probably could use the number to the Pennsylvania Unemployment Office so I provided him with it

If I'm Andrew Bates and I'm going to send off a tweet that is gonna cost me my job, why in the world would I pick something so lame? I would go with "As everyone knows, Joe Biden recently has been showing clear and undeniable signs of cognitive decline. And though not as noticeable in 2016, that year was the beginning of this deterioration. He was clearly not in a functional mental state at the time that his and Obama's FBI manipulated the law to imprison an innocent war hero." And if you're saying "that's way too long to tweet" I say: I guess you're right. On second thought that would be my legal defense. Because God willing Bill Barr brings these crooks in for trial.




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