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An Appeal to Reflect

We as a nation are wholly and utterly broken. The scene which has played out since March has been nothing short of something seen in a dying Banana Republic, or in some hellish, sub-Saharan war zone.

We have become two sides, irreconcilable in temperament and in action, able to lay blame at both our left and our right.

Perhaps this two tweet thread is a good starting point to reflect:

To those on the right:

You have allowed the conditions which allowed this current electoral crisis (and it is a crisis, as any issue with the legitimacy of government) to remain unfettered since the days of Nixon. You opened up China. You opened up a series of monumentally bad trade deals. You stood by and whimpered as the left doubled down on your horrific decisions.

You ceded every cultural arena, every touchstone of American life, stripping away the identities of generations of people. You led us merrily through the gates of Globalism, never stopping to ponder how a "globalist" mindset would inherently make the quality of life for the average American worse, or not caring.

To those on the left:

You have become emblematic of cultural rot. You are poison. You are propelled by hatred and impotence, and your childish rage fuels a need to force your misery upon the rest of us. You contribute nothing to civilization, and then look around and wonder why you see only ruins. You spew vile, wicked ideologies from within your temples unto Satan--the universities--and cry out for the children of our land to come forth, and be mutilated at your altars. May the Lord spare your souls any mercy. I know I will.

But what of our populace? How could a population become so utterly broken in such a short span of time?

Perhaps, it is because we have a population which sees no place to turn. From one side, we see a ghoulish specter of Californian Hedonism, ready to consume our lives in a fiery sea of crushing indentured servitude to the almighty State. From the other, we see a side so impotent, so utterly incapable of defending the truly American spirit and values most of us still hold dear, that its representing party cannot even regularly muster support for a president's judicial nominations, even with impeccable qualifications. That the only president in the last 60 years to have truly and regularly had the nation's best interests at heart cannot even count on his supposed party allies to back him when backing matters. To these New Englanders, I say: You are frauds. You do not even deserve to be called Americans, much less to claim membership in an ostensibly pro-American political party.

There is a certain logic, in looking around and demanding to be taken care of, and running eagerly into the glowing arms of an expanded government bureaucracy with its promises of safety. And yet, what life is that? To accept what others give you? To be told what to think, and what to feel, and what is good enough? One's life would certainly not matter then, regardless of the skin color they find themselves leading it in.

And yet, what other option do so many find themselves left with? Your iPhone doesn't matter when your autonomy has been rotted out.

My hope is that Donald J. Trump can pull one last rabbit out of his hat. That the Democrat fraud which appears to be taking place is overcome, and that the Republic will endure.

However, should my hopes be dashed: Those on the right would be advised to choose what they want to fight for, and prepare to not surrender that.

Those on the left, if they are capable of finding good in their hearts, would do well to reflect on their desire to control others, and to perhaps heal themselves far more than our nation ever could hope.


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