Alyssa Milano, Known Conservative, Claims Victory in Iowa GOP Primary

Alyssa Milano, Republican, Iowa

In the midst of riots, a pandemic and generally chaos in the world, some states actually held party primaries last night. Representative Steve King was among the candidates vying to retain his right to seek re-election in November. King, a nine-term congressman from Iowa's 4th Congressional District, has, more or less, been excommunicated from the party after making some insanely weird and racist comments over the years. In 2019, King was stripped of all committee assignments and has spent the better part of the last two years playing with himself. On Tuesday night, Randy Feenstra ensured that King will NOT be going back to congress by drubbing him by more than 10 points in the Republican Primary.

This was exciting news to all of Twitter, but nobody was more excited than known conservative and registered Iowa Republican, Alyssa Milano.

Yes it appears that Milano helped influence the closed primary in Iowa with her staunch conservative stances on abortion, due process, immigration, and every other insanely woke thing she can think of on a given day. The rest of twitter was similarly excited for Milano's victory.

For it's part, the National Republican Congressional Committee was excited to share in Milano's clear victory over King.

Feenstra/Milano will take on Democrat, J. D. Scholten this fall.