• Nero

Always Look on the Bright Side of Covid

I have spent a lot of time discussing how fucking stupid the covid lock down has been. How ridiculous the media has been in covering it and how the leaders most associated with "saving lives" are actually killing grandmas. Then I came across a heart warming story that reminded me not all of this is bad.

I mean if this can keep men from having to sit through Broadway shows with their wives or girlfriends, South Park lied to us,

and that those who most favor keeping the lock down in place, libs, are losing something they enjoy well there must be other positives as well so I decided to make a list.

One of the biggest benefits to the Covid lock down is how people have found a new love for firearms. All over the country gun sales are through the roof

And even in the people's republic of California

There has been all the internal strife in the EU inching it close to collapse while the UK sits back, sips a pint and laughs

Even last night there new stories about internal strife within the EU

We have had Californians almost, almost acting like Americans because of the Rona

I mean hell they even gave a Republican a bigly win in the CA 25

I ended my long feud with Elon Musk, it's over now but he knows what he did

Alcohol consumption, porn consumption, and gaming are skyrocketing as tweeted here by Comfortably Smug

Causing infertility is always a good thing

And in the fine tradition of saving the best for last an awful lot of journalists are going to have to learn to code

These are just some of the ways that Covid-19 has made the world a better place. Leave a comment here on Flappr or on Twitter and let us know the things that you are thankful to Covid-19 for