Ain’t nobody know nothin’

Guys, no one knows what’s happening with the election. No one. Have you seen the early voting results for Pennsylvania? They’re horrible for Republicans. There is over one million more returned ballots for Democrats than Republicans. So why is Obama campaigning there?

I was in Florida a little over a week ago. On the drive down from Kentucky going down I-75 to the Villages to visit my wife’s parents it was Trump signs and flags everywhere. In the Villages it was 90% Trump flags and signs. I did see some Biden signs but the idea that seniors have stopped supporting Trump seems ridiculous to me. We went to visit my wife’s grandmother 45 minutes southeast of the Villages and it was all Trump signs. Then we drove 5 hours to the panhandle to visit my family in Panama City Beach and once again – it was all Trump signs. In PCB there were no masks and no social distancing. We know that people on the left are way more scared of the rona than those on the right. Everything I saw in Florida were signs that Trump is absolutely going to run the tables in that state.

So why is Trump doing rallies there?

If the Democrats thought Pennsylvania was safe – Obama wouldn’t be campaigning there. If the Republicans thought Florida was safe – Trump wouldn’t be holding rallies there. The simple truth is that none of us have any clue what is happening in today’s society. A majority of people polled think Trump will win re-election. However, according to polls Biden also holds a double digit lead over Trump. And also according to polls – Americans are afraid to be honest about their political views. The left which is the dominant culture seems to be the only side comfortable saying how they feel. The counter-culture right? Not so much.

The point of this short rant is just chill out. Follow my buddy Nero’s sage advice and and enjoy your weekend. Don’t trust what the media is putting out. Go have a drink or smoke a joint if that’s your bit. Turn off the news. Get off Twitter for a bit. Put your tits on ice and enjoy your life.