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A Letter to America's Newly Curious Left

To my fellow Americans who sit to my left:

It’s time we adults, not the Perpetual Campus Brigade, talked about Cancel Culture.

Cancel culture is cultural rot.

There’s no other way to put it. Cultures should demand that people learn from mistakes and do better. That is not disputed. However, to demand perfection without the possibility of grace, rather than to accept that we are imperfect but forgiven, is not a society driven by the desire to achieve cultural greatness and prosperity. It is a Maoist nightmare driven by fear, and fully absent of love.

None of you knew me when the #MeToo movement started, but I took a stance on it which I still take: Let it run unfettered. The people doing this will eventually consume their own, while we must seek to do the best we can to protect ourselves and the ones we love during the carnage. It is not ideal, and is not what I wanted, neither then, nor now.

To borrow a phrase certain leftists have coopted in the last decade: Cancel Culture has come home to roost. People who were cheerleaders of it for years have begun to question this orthodoxy which is ever changing, ever moving, ever on the hunt for new victims to feed its cycle.

The reasons they are questioning it are myriad in nature. They may well be questioning it out of self-preservation, knowing that their own retroactive sins may soon be brought to bear. They may be questioning the value of an orthodoxy which demands punishment without grace, and loyalty without love. They may even be questioning it because, in a moment of clarity, they have realized that destroying one’s fellow men is not a pursuit which is noble or valuable.

To these people, famous or otherwise, I invite you to return to society. You have run wild like so many wild hyenas, taking prey without thought to the consequences of your hunt.

Come back to us. We won’t be friends, but that is okay, for man is not meant to be friends with all other men. We will still disagree. We may even argue. But we will accept that we must all seek to improve, because we are all imperfect. Our mistakes will still be mistakes, and in our own ways we will still have to atone for them, but we will not end each other for having different thoughts, different values, or different creeds--whatever those may be.

The power of Cancel Culture comes from within. It is one of the few enemies we can destroy simply by choosing to come together--to come across the aisle if you will--and ignoring it. Join me, my more leftward oriented Americans, in cancelling Cancel Culture with the kind of juvenile thing these overgrown children understand: Give them the silent treatment.

Again, I know that this will not make us friends. And that will be each of our own crosses to bear. But that we are not friends does not mean that we are not enemies. And together, we can free ourselves from the paranoia which has engulfed so many, and has now come for you.

Be rescued, and be set free from the fear of walking death forever.

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