A Bug's Life.

Have y'all seen the movie "A Bugs Life?" Remember this scene? The people who have put your lives on hold, are these grasshoppers, and we are the puny ants.

Well it would appear some of the ants have figured it out, at least the ants in Buffalo, NY. As their serial killer Governor is lauded by the media and celebrities for actively killing Grandmas, the people of the great State of New York are fed up.

Some folks in Ohio have done the same:

and in Pennsylvania:

You know who isn't bothered by lockdowns? People who already worked from home, they haven't lost anything. Celebrities who have enough dollars to sustain themselves in their homes for years possibly. These folks are cheering for lockdowns. The rest of us whose income depends on in-person commerce have lost considerably.

Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Salons, small local businesses who rely on customers being able to come inside to shop. These businesses are dying or already dead as we are months into "15 days to slow the spread."

My kids lost their jobs, they were just on the verge of making it, and they lost their jobs. My friends in the restaurant industry, are struggling to pay their bills, their kids wont have Christmas, and not only because Daddy De-Whine has made Ohio into Footloose, but because they cannot afford it working half the hours with half the customers. I've had to change jobs myself because of the economic impact on my industry.

My mom said as a joke once that she was not out of money because she still had checks in her checkbook.

But this is precisely what the alleged PEOTUS (which super isn't a thing but its fucking hilarious) Biden thinks we are gonna do to survive. Just write a check. Well, that's not how any of this works. I don't care if AOC thinks its a great idea, but you cant just keep PAYING PEOPLE TO STAY AT HOME! That money has to come from somewhere. I don't see any of these Hollywood celebrities getting up off any of that cash. The balls on these assholes with their "stay safe at home" videos about how we are all in this together, should be making us all sick. If watching people who can light their expensive cigars with hundred dollar bills, sing you songs and tell you to hang in there doesn't make you vomit, then there is something seriously wrong with you. Fuck them and fuck this lockdown.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have said since the beginning that you cannot shut down the machine that is the American economy. My friends and family are so tired of hearing me talk about it. This was the work of your Governors. The same governors who are out there without masks at large gatherings and politicians who are getting their hair cut and dining out, are telling you that you better stay home. Make no mistake about it all of you Biden Boot Lickers, this isn't about your health and safety. Its about control.

Like this, the latest from my home state and Governor Mike "don't let me catch you dancing" De-Whine:

This is all about keeping the puny ants down, making sure they are aware of their place in the grand scheme of things, making sure that they are filling the coffers of the government grasshoppers.

Collectively we seem to have forgotten that the government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. That's us. The ants. And we outnumber them. and we elected them, and they work for us, and we don't have to consent to this bullshit. This is not a fucking drill folks. This is real.

I saw that tweet and was reminded of a story. When I was in high school I went to absolute rager of a party thrown by my friend Susie's brother, while their parents were out of town. We still talk about it thirty something years later, one part of the event in particular, the arrival of the five-oh. The Fuzz. The Po-leece. When they showed up, we could have just let them load us into squad cars, but one brilliant genius in the crowd hollered "run for it, they cant arrest us all!!" And we did. into the woods, up the street, one of my friends laid down in a ditch and pretended to be a rock. I hid in the back of someone's station wagon. That kid was right, they got none of us. We fought for our right to party, and won.

I tell this story because this is where we are, folks. They can't arrest us all.

So open it the fuck up. Take off the masks. Lock arms with the puny ant next to you and Live your life.

Your bug's life.