A Biden Presidency Will Only Damage the Democrats Further

The Democrat party is dying. It’s the party of upper middle class white people with college degrees that live near city centers. It’s the party of well educated middle aged Karens that think wearing a mask is an outward sign of their internal virtue. It’s the party of managerial elites with no deep understanding of what the country consists of outside of urban, academic, and mainstream media bubbles. They do not understand or care about the working class and they think that they should rule the whole of the country based on sheer numbers from voters in large cities like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago.

The worst part is they are delusional. They think they’ve achieved a great victory by turning out a bunch of low information voters that voted for Joe Biden with no down ballot votes and then went home to smoke a joint. A Biden presidency will further strengthen the populist right while simultaneously continuing to damage the Democrat brand.

Obama 3.0

The Biden administration is making some of the most catastrophic staff picks that I’m genuinely taken aback by their selections. The people that staffed the Obama administration are all being picked to staff a Biden administration. Susan Rice will be director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. John Kerry will be back to re-enter into the Paris Climate Accords and the disastrous Iran deal. Janet Yates is being discussed to head up the Department of Justice. Denis McDonough will head up the VA.

I don’t know why this needs to be explained but Obama won a second term with three million less votes than he won in 2008 because the country had started to dislike his policies and support had started to drain away. Do they really think a third term of Obama’s policies will be a winner with the American people? I voted for Obama in 2008 but by 2012 I was a Democrat that was starting to move away from the party as it lost its populist, working class roots. Obama was the perfect face of the new party – a smug, smooth talking, managerial elite that held “bitter-clingers” in contempt. Biden told coal miners to learn to code. In what world is this going to be a winning platform for 2024?

Newest Special Council

In October, Bill Barr appointed John Durham’s investigation into the Obama administration’s multiple infringements into the 2016 election as a new special council. We have declassified documents of Joe Biden musing about the possibility of using the Logan Act against Micheal Flynn as a political cudgel when he and Obama clearly knew there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Biden hasn’t even taken office and he’s intimately a part of the special council investigation.

It’s true that we don’t know where the investigation may lead. At this point, we only have one indictment against professional FBI putz Kevin Clinesmith but there absolutely could be more in the pipeline. Although I highly doubt Joe Biden would be indicted for anything I also think the scandal will absolutely taint his administration.

Hunter Biden Investigation

Forget the special council for a second – Joe Biden’s son Hunter is under investigation by the DOJ and has been since 2018. Hunter Biden flew on Air Force 2 when his father visited China so he could make private equity deals. It doesn’t get more corrupt than Joe and Hunter Biden. Ol’ Joe has denied he knew anything about what his son was up to but that’s a bold faced lie. Again, we don’t know what the eventual outcome of this will be but think if Hunter gets indicted for something? The President of the United States might have a son in some trouble. Will he pardon him? How will that look to the American public? I can guarantee you most people will be revulsed by it.

Democrat Civil War

The far left has gradually been making in-roads and taking over the political machine that is the Democrat party. They are now openly complaining about Joe Biden’s staff picks as they realize that although they backed Joe Biden they are nowhere near the seat of power like they hoped to be. Progressives don’t want a return to the Obama policies or a more centrist policy position. Expect to see an even larger rift between centrist Democrats and progressives going forward.

Divided Government

The 2020 House of Representatives will be one of the narrowest margins of Democrats to Republicans we’ve seen in almost 80 years and the odds are extremely likely that Republicans will retake it in 2022 once redistricting happens. Assuming that Republicans keep the Senate after the Georgia runoff elections (something I consider very likely) there’s almost no way any major legislation will be able to be passed. Biden will be forced to use executive actions to pass even the most menial of an agenda. Successful presidents are remembered for what they accomplished such as Trump’s trade deals and multiple peace deals. Biden will not be able to accomplish anywhere near that same level.

Biden’s Age

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room – Biden is old af. He’s prone to gaffes and angry outbursts. He’s clearly having some mental decline. Biden will be 78 years old when he takes the oath of office on January 20th. What are the odds of him making it through those four years without a medical episode or that his mental acuity continues to decrease to a point where he has to be removed from office? Don’t get me wrong – I hope he makes it through without issue but the odds of something negative happening are pretty high.

For all these reasons, it’s not a stretch to believe that if Republicans get behind a strong populist they have a great shot at the presidency in 2024. We know that “Trumpism” itself is popular and Trump absolutely pushed the Republican party out of its long decline under RINOs like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Jeff Flake. Trump was the spark for this change but maybe he was an imperfect vessel. Maybe Republican governors like Kristi Noem or Ron DeSantis are the path forward. Either way, it’s sure that after four years of Joe Biden the Democrats will have nothing substantive to offer the American people.