A 20 Year Journey with the GOP

I love President, Donald J. Trump even though he wasn’t my first choice. In the 2016 Presidential Primaries, I voted for Rand Paul. I personally think America could use 50 more Rand Pauls. He performs free eye surgeries for the poor, he’s returned over $3 million of his Senate Office Operating Budget back to the U.S. Treasury, and most importantly he loves our constitution. His idea of pulling troops back home & really looking our country over top to bottom could easily be described as ‘America First’. I was disappointed when Rand Paul bowed out but was quickly intrigued by Trump. Like Rand Paul, Trump didn’t go with the establishment flow.

"Stop spending money you don't have" - wise words.

You see, I’ve followed politics closely since I was 13. It’s something me and my paternal grandfather bonded over. He was a lifelong Democrat who had been begged to run for Governor of WV in the 60’s. He declined because “politics makes enemies, and enemies are bad for business.” Though a lifetime Democrat, I know for a fact that his last Presidential votes went to John McCain & Mitt Romney. Pop died in 2015, but he would’ve LOVED President Trump. I cannot count how many times I watched Trump thinking “Amos would’ve loved that!’

I started out a Democrat like Pop, but quickly found myself at odds with Democrat policies and strategies. I left the Democrat Party in 1999, and apparently my home state of West Virginia did the same. When WV voted for George W. Bush over Al Gore in 2000, it was the first time the state had gone Republican in over 50 years. If Gore would’ve won WV, he wouldn’t have needed Florida.

Darn you, West Virginia! Foiled again!

I liked Bush, but I never related to him. He and his family were part of the ruling elite. I felt like I had picked the lesser of the two evils. During the Bush administration and all through the Obama administration, I hated how Congress thumbed its nose at America. It was inefficient, aloof, couldn’t get 3 in 10 Americans to approve of its job and continued to vote itself a raise every chance it got. During the spring of Obama’s last year in office, the Congressional Approval Rating was the same as the margin of error for the poll itself. For all we knew, they couldn’t get 1 in 10 Americans to approve of their job. They couldn’t come out and say it, but the attitude of congress had become “so what? What are they (the voter) going to do about it?”

Voters have been trending antiestablishment for a while. For me, I first noticed it in June 2014 when Eric Cantor (R)-VA got primaried. I cannot remember all of the folks who got the boot, but I do remember a comfortable Kay Hagan getting beat in North Carolina... a comfortable Mary Landrieu getting beat in Louisiana... and a frantic Thad Cochran having to use robocalls to scare black democrats in to coming out and voting for him in Mississippi’s open primary because his Tea Party challenger was about to serve him an ‘L’. It actually got to the point when a comfortable incumbent lost, it was said that he/she got ‘Cantor’d’.

TFW you become a verb.

So here comes the 2016 Primary. That antiestablishment fire fueled the grassroots movement of Bernie Sanders against what could easily be argued as the posterchild for the establishment, Hillary Clinton. That same antiestablishment fire propelled Trump to victory over sixteen GOP contenders. Bernie fell short, but did outstanding against a Clinton political machine that built itself up over 3 decades. As we know, it has since been revealed that the Clinton camp was able to get her CNN debate questions ahead of time via Donna Brazile.

The General Election followed with Trump executing a stunning victory. The American voters had refused Bush #3 and Clinton #2. The establishment had been rejected. The American voter answered the question of “what are they (the voter) going to do about it?” with a huge, orange middle finger. The establishment (and those that supported it) were shell shocked. Ben Rhodes cried. Cenk Uygur couldn’t achieve an erection for over a year. Feminists knitted vagina hats and wore them while demonstrating.

With President Trump, I found that I finally had a President that thought like I did. He didn’t care to tell the press to suck his whole ass. He told the world that America was no longer going to eat shit when making deals. He spoke to me directly via Twitter circumventing the media and didn’t need a communications team. And most importantly, he ended Nerd Prom a.k.a. The White House Correspondents Dinner. Nerd Prom is an event where journalists and their celebrity guests gather at the White House, get drunk and do drugs with the very people they are supposed to be covering and holding accountable. In 2012, David Cross bragged about doing coke just a few feet from Obama at Nerd Prom (aka the White House Correspondent's Dinner).

"Let me be clear, the booger-sugar be poppin tonight."

I feel like that same antiestablishment attitude was still present in the 2020 election. The boat parades, the rally sizes, the down ballot victories... they all trended that way.

But the pandemic gave the establishment an opening to steal victory with voting by mail, and they did. They stole it. I hate to say it, but Joe Biden is going to be inaugurated in January. I’m not a quitter, I’m a realist. The sons of bitches pulled it off.

Now I’m curious as to how we respond. What are our options? In areas that are red but trending blue, we have to keep democratic poll watchers out. We’ve seen their playbook and have to play their game or risk getting steamrolled. We also HAVE to start primarying RINOs. The GOP is already acting excited and it’s imperative that we remind them that their days are over (like Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, for example, is up for re-election in 2022 and needs to be Cantor’d).

If I've learned anything in 20 years of watching these folks, it's that the establishment of the GOP will likely desire to revert back to their norms and will need to be taught a very hard lesson, again: THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Donald J. Trump changed this party (for the better) for the foreseeable future and the days of Mitt Romney Republicans are over.

Adapt or go extinct.

Adapt or get Cantor'd.