60 Minutes Edits DeSantis Video; Campaign to Discredit Florida Governor Continues

The Left views Ron DeSantis as a threat. Want to know how I know this? Look no further to the type of media coverage he receives from their allies in the media.

No Governor has done a perfect job during the pandemic, but few, if any, have done as good of a job as Ron DeSantis. Here are some of his highlights:

  1. Florida's unemployment rate is 5.1%, - (CA's is 9.3%, NY's is 8.7%).

  2. Despite having the oldest (or second oldest, depending on what stats you look at) population in the United States, Florida's death rate is at the national average - despite much less strict restrictions on human behavior.

  3. Children have been in classrooms since the fall of 2020, while many blue states have yet to resume in-person learning.

  4. DeSantis fully re-opened his state back in September of 2020, despite the media predicting doom.

Now, not everything about Florida's response has been perfect (the National Average isn't what you should STRIVE for), and DeSantis deserves criticism when such criticism is warranted.

The problem with our media is that rather than reporting what the facts provide, they will skew and tweak and cinch in order to craft the narrative they desire - similar to what 60 minutes did to DeSantis last night:

Whoa, Publix - the most common and popular grocery store chain in Florida - gave DeSantis $100,000 last year. That must mean he favored them in the middle of a pandemic - there must be NO OTHER EXPLANATION, right?

Well, of course, there are plenty of explanations as to why Publix was chosen, including one given by Ron DeSantis, that 60 Minutes chose to edit out. Here is the full transcript of this exchange between DeSantis and 60 Minutes reporter Sharyn Alfonsi:

Oh, weird - so DeSantis asked all of the contenders for the contract if they were ready for distribution, and ONLY Publix said they were ready. That seems like a pretty vital piece of information to leave out, don't you think? I mean, we want people to get vaccinated as soon as possible, don't we?

Want further proof of how dishonest 60 Minutes was with the story they aired last night? Lets see what a three term Florida Democrat and the current Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management said in response to the segment:

To me, what 60 Minutes did here is pretty clear. They took a pretty substantive response from DeSantis and edited out all of the substantiveness, in an effort frame DeSantis to public as Trump 2.0. 60 Minutes wanted it to appear that DeSantis was just spouting "fake news!", without ever explaining exactly how the accusation lacked merit.

This might excite some of Trump's most ardent base, but the unique threat that DeSantis poses is that he takes some of Trump's pugilism and combines it with a level of depth and preparedness.

This is why Ron DeSantis is so dangerous to the Left, his likely appeal to both the MAGA base and moderate voters.

The media doesn't want to give the public a chance to make up their own mind about Ron DeSantis. Instead, the media wants the public to accept their framing of Ron DeSantis, which is why you see so many "scandals" hurriedly and spuriously raining down on DeSantis and the State of Florida from the corporate media.

In a way, DeSantis should take the target on his back as a compliment - it means to me that the Cathedral recognizes him as a legitimate threat to pierce through their veil of misinformation and capture the minds of normal Americans in this country.

In that regard, I agree with them.

Happy Monday, God Bless America.

UPDATE: Dave Kerner, the Democrat Mayor of Palm Beach County has published a statement on the 60 Minutes Segment at issue in this post. Kerner's statement says "The report was not just based on bad information — it was intentionally false.”: