50 Cent Endorses Trump for President

It's somewhat of a slow news day this morning, so I'm calling back to something that popped up yesterday.

According to the famous rap artist himself, 50 cent is endorsing Donald Trump for President:

It's amazing what insane what having the government's hand in your pocket can do to your voting interests. 50 Cent is the second high profile, african-american, celebrity to acknowledge at least lukewarm support of Trump (not sure I understand why 50 Cent thinks Trump 'doesn't like black people') as rapper-actor, Ice Cube, acknowledged that he had worked with members of the White House. According to reports, Ice Cube attended a meeting with the administration officials to help make changes to Trump's "Platinum Plan" (a piece of legislation designed to help improve black communities in America) based on the contents of Ice Cube's own proposal the "Contract with Black America or CWBA):

I will note that Ice Cube said explicitly that he's NOT endorsing either Biden or Trump. Still it's interesting to see that some high-profile celebrities come out with something other than complete damnation for President Trump. Now, will any of this matter? No. Should any of this matter? No. Everyone should review the candidates and vote according to their own interests and beliefs. Still. . . it feels somewhat refreshing to see even a small break from traditional Hollywood "group think" and see a few celebrities willing to think for themselves and talk for themselves - consequences be damned.

So in the end, I think this is still just a "hey, how about that" that type of story. Generally speaking, however, I think it's a good idea for conservatives to reach out to a community for the first time in a long time. Republicans seemingly abandoned outreach to voters (like african-american voters) that they viewed as "ungettable" and for too long settled on maintaining their base. Trump has shirked that trend and has made tried to make inroads into those communities. This will not result in big election gains in 2020, but they are first steps and necessary ones for a longer term gain for Republicans.

We shall see. Now, on to some fun reactions:

Fiddy really doesn't like this Biden Tax Plan, lol.

Have a great Tuesday. God Bless America.

(h/t to mistermorris for the cover image).


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